Voluntary retirement savings Plan (VRSP)

Entirely new workplace retirement savings plan coming July 1, 2014Quebec’s new Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP) will come into effect on July 1. VRSP has been designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses without workplace retirement savings plans, and serves as a great tool for business owners to help foster employee morale, retain their best people and attract top talent.This site will provide you with a good overview of the VRSP and the ways it’s planned to help small business owners and employees. Before assurancia or any company can offer you a VRSP, the regulations governing the VRSP need to be finalized, and all required regulatory approvals regarding licensing and the registration of the product must be obtained by potential administrators. We’llkeepyouinformed as developments arise.
Simple and cost effective solutionUnlike other pension plans, the VRSP will be simpler to set up and easier to maintain, with minimal administration required by business owners.  

  assurancia – your VRSP partner As a recognized leader in providing group retirement solutions to Quebec businesses, assurancia is drawing on its pension expertise to offer an industry leading VRSP—ensuring that you can offer an outstanding solution for your company and your employees.