Complaint Handling Policy

Purpose of the policy

The aim of this policy for handling disputes and complaints is to establish a free, simple and fair procedure for processing them.

It aims in particular to identify the person responsible for processing, to supervise the receipt of complaints and the processing of them, and where applicable the transmission of the file to the Financial Markets Authority, hereinafter called the “Authority”.

Also, the policy applies, regardless of the nature of the activities that generate a dispute or complaint, whether in particular for management activities in general, distribution of insurance products or services or the protection of personal information. .


Responsible person

The person responsible for applying this policy for each firm is indicated in the “reception of the complaint” paragraph.

Within the framework of the policy, its functions include:

To send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant within 10 working days of receipt of a complaint;
To carry out the analysis of disputes and complaints within a reasonable time (note that the person responsible can delegate this task while ensuring supervision);
To rule on the conclusion of the analysis and to inform the complainant;
To transmit the file to the Authority, at the request of the complainant;
To report complaints to the Authority, through the system provided for this purpose.


Receipt of the complaint

The consumer or client who wishes to file a complaint may do so, verbally or in writing, by contacting the person responsible for the firm concerned.


Firm Name First Name Email address Phone number Extension Address
Assurancia Akiki Mattar Ellie [email protected] (514) 565-3131 38368 3505 boul. Saint-Martin O., Suite 205, Laval H7T 1A2
Assurancia Billette Billette Jean-François [email protected] 1-800-377-2576 304 45 Victoria Est, Salaberry de Valleyfield QC, J6T 2L4
Assurancia Boudreault Boudreault Julien [email protected] 1-877-840-3321   595-J, 9e av Beauceville QC, G5X1J3
Assurancia Campeau Parent Myriam [email protected] 1-800-377-2576 307 Local 201 1850 Boulevard le Corbusier, Laval, QC H7S 2K1
Assurancia D. Bonhomme Lefebvre Stéphanie [email protected] 1-866-449-2881 120 209 Boulevard Desjardins, Maniwaki, QC J9E 2C9
Assurancia Gatineau Duciaume Michel [email protected] 1-866-771-6075 239 1783 Rue Saint-Louis, Bureau 1, Gatineau, QC J8T 4H2
Assurancia Gauthier Flamand Flamand Cynthia [email protected]  418-547-6648 2 3917, rue St-Pierre, Jonquière, Qc. G7X 3G3
Assurancia Groupe Labonté Provencher Béliveau Véronique [email protected] 1-888-955-4480 4102 200-1580 Gene H Kruger, Trois-Rivieres, G9A 4N9
Assurancia Groupe Tardif Hamel Valérie [email protected] 1-888-558-5246 38474 6645, Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, Québec, QC, G1H 3C4
Assurancia Guertin Guertin Vincent [email protected] 514-792-5500 203 267 Boul Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Suite 4, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC J3N 1M8
Assurancia Leduc Decelles Dubuc Catherine Dubuc [email protected] 1-877-429-3707 404 315 Rue Ellice, Beauharnois, QC J6N 1X2
Assurancia Mongeau Mongeau Isabelle [email protected] 450-973-3344 226 Local 201 1850 Boulevard le Corbusier, Laval, QC H7S 2K1
Assurancia Venne et Fille Venne Marie-Lyne [email protected] 450-755-2122  210 161, rue Beaudry Nord, Joliette, (Québec) J6E 6A7
Assurancia inc. Hamel Valérie [email protected] 1-888-558-5246 38474 645, boul. Henri Bourassa, Québec (Québec) G1H 3C4


Processing a complaint

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint constitutes the expression, verbal or written, of at least one of the following elements, which survives after having been considered and processed at the competent operational level to render a decision.

It must contain one of the following elements:

Identification of potential or actual harm that a consumer has suffered or could suffer and details of the alleged facts, dates and other information necessary to analyze the case.
A reproach against the firm, a representative or an employee.
Request for corrective action.
Upon receipt of a complaint, the person responsible for handling complaints will send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint. It will carry out an impartial analysis within a reasonable period of time which should not exceed 60 working days, following receipt of the complaint and the elements necessary for its analysis.

In the case of an incomplete complaint, a notice containing a request for additional information will be sent to the complainant. The latter must provide the necessary information before the analysis of the file can resume or continue.

The handling of the complaint must be carried out impartially and within a reasonable time, which should not exceed 60 days following receipt of the complaint. This deadline should be respected, regardless of the different levels of processing involved.


Transmission to the authority

In the event that the complainant is not satisfied with the result of the processing of his complaint or the processing itself, he can ask the person responsible to transfer his complaint file to the Authority.

Address to use for transfer:
Place de la Cité, Cominar tower 2640, Laurier boulevard, office 400
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 5C1

The file transferred to the Authority will consist of all the documents relating to the complaint.

The transfer must be made to the Authority within 30 days of the complainant's request.

Policy effective date: 2024-04-17