Hole in one insurance

Swing into Your Golf Tournament with Assurancia Hole-in-One Insurance

Golf tournament organizers and sponsors can take advantage of Hole-In-One Insurance proposed by Assurancia to offer a fabulous prize to the participant who sinks a hole in one.

Offer a spectacular prize without ruining yourself!

Whatever the prize, a car, a trip, or a home spa, all you pay is your insurance premium. If a player makes the winning shot, Assurancia picks up the bill!

Here’s how itworks:

  • Choose the prize you want to award, and select the winning hole.
  • Take out Hole-In-One insurance with Assurancia to cover the prize value. You’ll be amazed at how affordable it is.
  • If a player makes a hole-in-one at the designated hole, Assurancia pays for the prize in full.
  • Congratulate the hero of the day!

It’s your turn at the tee!

Already know what prize you’d like to put up for grabs?For a quote to insure your golf tournament, call us today