At Assurancia, we want to ensure that the compensation process is the most reassuring possible for you.


Your Assurancia broker in addition to being an advisor is the person to contact in case of a disaster. The broker presence is undoubtedly an added value for you. At Assurancia, we want to ensure that the compensation process is the most reassuring possible for the client and a sense of satisfaction comes from this experience.

An insurance claim is having a claim and asking the insurer to honor the insurance policy. One major difference between an Assurancia insurance broker and direct insurer in the event of a claim, your broker is there to assist you and help you in your approach to regulation. With a direct insurer, you are left to yourself to face the insurer and the person who sold you the insurance product is often long gone! Having an insurance broker who has specialized expertise and bargaining power with the insurer is an important asset for the insurance claim settlement.

An insurance policy is basically a promise of service delivered in the event of a covered peril. It is during an insurance claim that we can see if we made the right choices in terms of insurance.

To differentiate itself from other firms and banners, Assurancia established a unique principle of compensation in kind, CERTIFIED CLAIMS SPECIALIST.

The goal is to assist you throughout the claims process. A situation that premium board seems complex, given the distressing ordeal you live will be facilitated by your broker’s intervention from the start, and throughout the claim.

The Assurancia unique 3-time claims principal allows to:

  1. Receive the claim and forward it to the insurer
  2. 3 days later, your broker will contact you to ensure that the claim proceeds to your satisfaction
  3. 30 days later, another contact is made with the client to validate the claim has been resolved to your satisfaction

For immediate assistance in case of disaster

On normal business hours, you must contact your Assurancia broker directly. However, on evenings and weekends, in an emergency, here is the list of our services depending on your insurer.