Becoming assurancia

You are a dynamic broker who wants new solutions increase your proactivity, share your knowledge and learn from others ? assurancia is the solution.

Are you a dynamic broker who wants to have new solutions, increase your proactivity, share your knowledge and learn from others? assurancia is the solution for damage insurance.

assurancia's mission is to be a constant presence for its members, in order to offer them the necessary support, so that together we grow towards success.

Whether it is for the exchange during the “Best Practices” sessions, its automated employee audits, its new commercial business call center and its Intranet, you will benefit from complete business support.

At Assurancia, you are part of a large family which does not interfere in the management of your practice and which advocates the autonomy of its partners. Our desire is to help you succeed as an entrepreneur and thus contribute to the promotion of the brokerage field and promote insurance across the province.

Added values for our members:

  • Professional rigor of brokers
  • Expertise, creativity and unique approaches
  • Optimal development solutions
  • Innovative and unparalleled support for partners

Don't hesitate any longer and come and see the assurance results for yourself. For more information, contact Valérie Folio at [email protected]